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Restoration and Repair

With timber sash windows, unlike most modern window materials, a wide range of repairs are possible. Even windows that might intitially appear beyond repair can often be restored. We strive to maintain the original sash windows where at all possible. Repairing sash windows not only returns the look of the windows to new but can also fix the operation of the windows as well stopping draughts that occur.

How it Works

  • Both top and bottom sashes are removed for the frame (sash box). Missing and loose putty is replaced and damaged glass repaired.
  • Excess and crumbling paint is removed
  • Sashes can be stripped back to bare wood where needed
  • Where necessary rotten timber is routed out to expose sound timber. A two part epoxy resin is used to fill the cavities and sanded to match the existing profile.
  • All bare timbers are painted with primer
  • Rotten sills are professionally replaced (if necessary)
  • Pulley cords are serviced and sash cords replaced
  • Sash windows are correctly weighted to ensure smooth operation of windows
  • Benfits of draught exclusion include: Virtually eliminating all draughts, reduction of external noise levels, elimination of rattles, improved sliding action of sash windows, reduction of dirt ingress and improved energy efficiency